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T-Willy's Yogurt Emporium

T-Willy's Yogurt Emporium is about exploring your creative, adventurous side by putting creamy, cold soft-serve yogurt together with fun toppings that suit your taste and mood.  The adventure begins with 15 flavors of sweet yogurt, tart yogurt and sorbet that you can mix to your heart's content.  We follow with tantalizing toppings, many of which are from familiar local hot spots.  Add a sprinkling of DLM Killer Brownie®, or a dash of Maple Sugar Potato Chips and a squeeze of caramel and you have fun, the T-Willy's way.


T-Willy's opens at 11 AM every day, and stays open until 9 PM weeknights and 10 PM Friday and Saturday.  T-Willy's flavors and topping change frequently so there are always new creations on the menu.  For those committed to surprise, we also have a feature recipe suggestion that makes it simple to narrow down the infinite possibilities.  For those avoiding gluten, most of our flavors are gluten free and we have a number of unique gluten-free toppings to play with.


T-Willy's Yogurt Emporium

T-Willy's sits in the Washington Square Shopping Center, smack dab at the corner of Far Hills and Whipp Road.  We are situated off of the main DLM parking lot near Boston Stoker.


Come in and spin some gold of your own.  It is the perfect refresher for nomads, adventurers, and those of you who don't like to plan.


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Who or What is T-Willy?


T-Willy was a color-blind visionary...


T-Willy had awesome caramel-brown eyes that exuded both worldliness and innocence in one penetrating gaze.


She was born with what most people would call "super senses."  She could hear the crust of perfectly baked bread crackling from 100 yards away.  And her sense of smell told the story of foods kissed by a thousand distant suns.


Read more of the Legend of T-Willy...






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T-Willy's Yogurt Emporium